Marriage Biodata – What to Write & How to Create a Simple Word Format?

Marriage Biodata format
Sketch to print – Comprehensive Marriage Biodata Format

What is a marriage biodata?

A marriage biodata is a concise document that summarises key information about the person who is looking to get married.

The practice of creating a marriage biodata is a key step in arranged marriages as it serves as a means to provide a formal introduction about the person getting married.

A marriage biodata usually includes information such as name, age, date of birth, religion/caste, names and professions of parents, education, profession, salary, and expectations.

What should be included in a marriage biodata?

A marriage biodata is not a legal document and hence people create a marriage biodata according to their understanding of what is appropriate.

The purpose of a marriage biodata is to provide enough information for prospective matches to decide if the profile is of interest to them.

Most people will look for basic details such as vital statistics, family background/status, income, horoscope match (especially Hindus), and partner expectations.

Some people include additional information such as personality, lifestyle, and interests.

Here is the complete list of information that you can add in your marriage biodata:


Date of birth
Body type

Caste / Sub-Caste
Food habit

Current location

Names of parents and their professions
Number of siblings and their current status
Family type and status

Lifestyle, personality, hobbies

Horoscope details (Hindus)
Details about religious practices such as Haj, Namaz, dress (Muslims)
Name of the church (Christians)

Partner expectations (Age group, minimum height, caste preferences, education/professional background, habits)

Check out this video to learn about how to create an attractive marriage biodata in 3 simple steps.

Options to create your marriage biodata

You have two options to create your marriage biodata.

Option A: You can create a marriage biodata using a Microsoft Word document.

Option B: You can use any of the marriage biodata templates available online (such as on

How to create a marriage biodata using Microsoft Word?

This is a fairly simple way to create your marriage biodata.

Follow these steps to create your simple marriage biodata without a fuss.

Step 1Step 1: You will need a licensed Microsoft Word (available as a part of Microsoft Office) and a licensed copy of Windows. Open a new Word document and name it “YourName_MarriageBiodata”.

Step 2Step 2: Write the below overview information in separate lines as shown in the image.

Your Name
Age Years (Date of Birth)
Height (Example: 5’10”)
Religion, Caste, Sub-Caste
Location (City/Town)
Never Married/Divorced/Annulled
Phone Number
Email Address

Step 3Step 3: Write the educational and professional details (as shown below) in separate lines. Make sure you include at least 2 line breaks after the overview information.

Your educational qualifications (Bachelor’s/Master’s degree) from (name of the University or college)
Your current work title at the name of the employer
Your income per year or per month

Step 4Step 4: Write a few lines about your family background

Name of your father, profession
Name of your mother, profession
Number of siblings
Family status (Middle-Class/Upper Middle-Class/ Upper-Class)
Family orientation (Orthodox/Moderately Conservative/Liberal)
Family type (Nuclear family/Joint family)

Step 5Step 5: Include anything else that people expect to see in your marriage biodata based on your religious or cultural practices. Example, include horoscope details.

Place of birth
Time of birth

Step 6Step 6: Format the document. Highlight the overview section and centre align it and add section titles in bold as shown below.

Simple Marriage Biodata Using WordHow to choose a Jodi Logik marriage biodata?

If you want a biodata that’s more elegant than a Word document, you can use Jodi Logik to create and download a PDF copy of your biodata.

There are three types of marriage biodata templates available on Jodi Logik.

Every biodata template is unique even among the same type of templates. The wide variety of template options gives you the option to choose what works for you.

A. Simple biodata templates

Simple marriage biodata templatesThere are two simple marriage biodata templates – Basic and Classic.

Key features

1. Both the Basic and Classic templates give the option to include limited information about you and your family background.

2. The Basic biodata template has no provision to add your profile picture. The Classic template allows you to add your profile picture.

3. There is a limited text area to write about yourself and your family expectations.

4. Please note that horoscope details and certain vital statistics (height, body type) do not find a place in these templates.

5. You can add them in the text description. You can specify any religion or caste in these templates.

B. Detailed biodata templates

Detailed marriage biodata templatesThere are three detailed biodata templates and these include the Comprehensive, Formal, and Easy Comprehensive.

Key features

1. All the three templates have a lot more information about the person getting married compared to the simple biodata templates.

2. The Comprehensive, Formal and Easy Comprehensive templates are designed as 1-page marriage biodata formats.

3. The Comprehensive template can be considered as an extended version of the Classic template with an additional section on lifestyle/hobbies.

4. The Formal biodata template has more details when compared to the Comprehensive template. These include mode vital statistics, additional information about the profession, and more details about the family background.

5. The Easy Comprehensive template is unique when compared to all other templates. It has no space for writing free-form text. Instead, it allows you to create a comprehensive biodata with options to call out detailed partner expectations. Your personality, lifestyle, and expectations are clearly called out in this format.

C. Religion-themed marriage biodata templates

religion-themed marriage biodata templatesThere are 10 religion-themed templates that cover all major religions in India.

Key features

1. The Hindu marriage biodata format is available in 1-page and 2-page options. Both the templates have space for adding horoscope details. The two-page Hindu biodata for marriage gives you a separate page for adding details about the family background and enough free text area to write about your extended family members.

2. The Muslim marriage biodata format is available in 1-page and 2-page formats. The 2-page template has a separate page for adding details about the family background. Both templates give you the option to add details about religious preferences.

3. The Jain marriage biodata format is also available in 1-page and 2-page layouts with the 2-page format giving you more space to write about your family.

4. The Christian, Sikh, and Sindhi biodata formats are all available as 1-page templates with religion-specific information called out clearly.

biodata for marriage
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Should you create your own biodata or download a Jodi Logik biodata?

The decision to create your own biodata or use a Jodi Logik biodata boils down to one major question – what do you want to accomplish with your marriage biodata?

If your plan is to share basic information with your family and friends, you can just create your own marriage biodata using a Word document for distribution.

Jodi Logik biodata can help you do a lot more.

1. Every Jodi Logik biodata is hand-crafted and is designed to create a great first impression.
2. The formats allow you to share all the basic information that people want to see in a marriage biodata.
3. A Jodi Logik biodata can grab attention as it is unique and can prompt a response.

Yes, a Jodi Logik biodata is not for everyone. It is only for those who want to show the world that they are really interested in getting married and have taken the time and effort to create a marriage biodata that represents them properly.

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