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South Indian Filter Coffee

South Indian Filter Coffee – The Ultimate Guide For Beginners!

South Indian filter coffee defined The South Indian filter coffee is a speciality coffee drink made in parts of South India. It's made by adding coffee decoction extracted from a mixture of coffee blends (such...
Indian summer

Indian Summer Bottled In 11 Mind-Blowing Artwork!

Indian summer is a state of mind! Summer in India is getting hotter every year. However, nothing takes away from the fact that the Indian summer is what defines our collective memory. Every grown adult...
The King of Fruits

The King Of Fruits Meets Amazing Art!

The King of Fruits - Really? It's summer in India and it means only one thing. Everybody is going gaga over a fruit! Yes, we are talking about the king of fruits or the original...
Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush – 13 Videos To Get Your Heart Racing!

Adrenaline Rush - Why do some people love it? Adrenaline or epinephrine is a stress hormone that prepares our body to fight for survival or run like hell away from danger. In India, the adrenaline rush...
Image of a pup_Jodi Logik_Dog Lovers

10 Cutest Instagram Accounts For Dog Lovers

Instagram is for dog lovers Are you a dog lover? And do you have a special soft corner for cute puppies of all kinds? Are you already wagging your tail and nodding your head or...