Matrimonial Advertisement in Newspaper – How to Write and Publish Ads?


Matrimonial ad in newspaper

What is a matrimonial newspaper advertisement?

A matrimonial ad in the newspaper typically includes age, educational qualifications, profession, income, religion/caste along with email or phone number of a person looking to get married.

While matrimonial advertisements in newspapers are popular in India, marriage classifieds did not originate in India!

Some of the earliest ads for brides were seen in England and the US.

In the 19th century, matrimonials ads in newspapers were widely published. These ads were usually from men looking for a bride. This is was considered to be a great alternative to find a match especially if the man was new to a place and did not have any social network. Women also used newspaper ads to find a husband.

Mimi Mathews, the author of books such as The Pug Who Bit Napoleon: Animal Tales of the 18th and 19th Centuries and A Victorian Lady’s Guide to Fashion and Beauty, has published matrimonial ads from the 19th century in her blog post.

Newspaper matrimonial ads

Even then, matchmakers were busy hunting for customers!

Here is an ad published in Omaha World Herald, on January 1900. This ad is from a matchmaker looking to sell his database of brides and grooms.

History newspaper marriage classifieds

The ad claimed “Marry lovely women and honourable men. Many rich: Spend 2 cents for big list, descriptions, residence, mutual exchanges, Kansas City, MO.”

Ever since they have remained a popular option for families to advertise their children’s details for matchmaking.

Almost all major newspapers in India publish a matrimonial classified section and some of the newspapers even have their own matchmaking sites.

Let’s look at how to create an attractive matrimonial ad and how to publish the ad in leading newspapers across India.

Newspaper Matrimony AdvertisementsStep by step guide to writing a matrimonial advertisement in newspaper

Follow this guide to create your own matrimonial ad for newspapers.

You will learn about the information that you should include along with mistakes that you should avoid to get the most out of your matrimonial ad.

What is the ideal Matrimonial advertisement format?

There are two formats for matrimonial advertisements in newspapers:

  1. Text format
  2. Display ad format

Here is how they look in a newspaper.

Text and display ad for newspaper matrimonial classifieds

Irrespective of the format you choose, matrimonial ads for newspapers should include the following details:


Display ad formats are visually appealing and allow you to stand out from the crowd. However, the cost of a display ad is more than the text ad.

Most serious readers will scan through all the ads irrespective of the format of the ad.

Templates for creating a matrimonial advertisement for newspapers

We created three separate templates for creating a matrimonial advertisement for newspaper.

Matrimonial Advertisement in Newspaper – Traditional Template

Traditional matrimonial ads have very specific details pertaining to partner expectations.

Religion/Caste/Gotra, age/height in centimetres, highest degree, job position at company/industry/private or public sector, location, salary per annum Seeks caste girl/bride, specific expectations pertaining to age, height, caste, employment status, family background, food habit and marital status.

Here are some examples.

Sample brides wanted newspaper ad – traditional template

Iyer Atreya, 27/162 cm, BE, Software Engineer at Oracle, Chennai, 30 Lakhs/annum. Seeks Iyer girl, 25-27 years, above 150 cms, Chennai employed. Share biodata and horoscope,9005498498

Sample bridegroom wanted newspaper ad – traditional template

Agarwal-Bisa, 30/6ft, BBA, Businessman, High Net Worth, Delhi seeks Bania girl, 25-29 years, graduate, business family background, Send bio with pic WhatsApp 8240079500.

Matrimonial Advertisement in Newspaper – Cosmopolitan Template

The word ‘cosmopolitan’ means “familiar and at ease with different countries and cultures’. It also means cultured, refined, and mature.

Cosmopolitan matrimonial ads are typically advertisements that only ask for a broad match without specifying expectations around height, caste/religion, skin colour or any other detail (such as horoscope match)

Well-educated/Well-established/Broad-minded/family invite alliance for their <son/daughter>, age, education/profession, location, looking for a suitable match from <specific quality> groom/bride.

Here are a couple of examples:

Matrimonial newspaper ad – Cosmopolitan bridegroom wanted

Well educated Bengali family in Calcutta invite alliance for their 32-year-old, 5’6″ daughter. Sr. Manager at an MNC in Mumbai, IIM-A graduate seeking suitable, professionally successful grooms.

Matrimonial newspaper ad – Cosmopolitan bride wanted

Well-established, Delhi-based, Rajput, 35 years, 6 ft, CEO of IT company seeking a well-educated bride with a broad-minded, pleasant personality. Caste no bar. Email profile to

Template of a newspaper matrimonial ad for second marriage

Matrimonial ads are for second marriages are similar to ‘cosmopolitan’ ads as they often mention fewer ‘demands’ from either side. That doesn’t mean they are fair. Some of the ads have one-sided demands, especially those from the grooms!

Here is a template that you can use.

Age/height, religion/caste, divorced education, profession, location, children, looking for a divorced/widowed groom/bride above/below age.

Here are a couple of examples based on the above templates.

Matrimonial ad for the second marriage of a divorced bride

36/150 Hindu, Nadar, divorced, MBA, Chennai entrepreneur, 5-year-old daughter (full custody), seeking suitable match from divorced/widowed 36-40 years groom. Children OK. WhatsApp 9840179000.

Matrimonial ad for the second marriage of a divorced groom

40/175cm seeking professionally qualified match for divorced, issueless, Hindu, CA, Consultant, high net worth, Hyderabad. Caste no bar. Divorced/widow with children OK. Email biodata to

Matrimonial sites in India
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What are the common abbreviations used in newspaper matrimonial ads?

Here are some of the common abbreviations used in newspaper matrimonial ads. Because every character costs money, abbreviations allow advertisers to pack in more information at a lower cost.

AG: Assembly of God
B’ful: Beautiful
BHP: Biodata Horoscope Photo
Ctzn: Citizen
D/o: Daughter of
Edu: Educated
Eml: Email
Fmly: Family
H.Some: Handsome
Lkg/Lkng: Looking
LPA: Lakhs per annum
MNC: Multinational corporation
Mglk: Manglik
Mo: Mobile number
NRI: Non-resident Indian
OCI: Overseas citizen of India
PA: Per annum
Pkg: Package (salary)
PQ: Professionally qualified
PQM: Professionally qualified match
Qlfd: Qualified
RC: Roman Catholic
Rptd: Reputed
S/o: Son of
SE: Software Engineer
SM4: Suitable match for
SM: Suitable match or Sunni Muslim
SMU: Sunni Muslim Urdu Speaking
Spinster: an unwed woman
SW: Software
V Fair/ V H.Some: Very Fair / Very Handsome
Wkg: Working/Works

In addition to the above, abbreviations are also used for cities (DEL – Delhi, LKW – Lucknow) and castes/sects (KBJ – Kanyakubja).

Matrimonial advertisement in Times of India newspaperMatrimonial Advertisement in Times of India Newspaper

Phone number for newspaer matrimonial ads

Phone Contact: 98107 64650 and 98109 86140

Email for newspaper matrimonial ads

Email Contact:

Times of India is a popular newspaper for placing matrimonial ads. Ads are published every Sunday.

A matrimonial ad in Times in India can be placed by visiting Ads2book.

Follow these steps to book your matrimonial ad in Times of India.

Step 1: Choose either a text ad or a display ad

matrimonial advertisement in Times of India newspaper

a. Text ads come in two types. ROL ad is a plain text ad. This is how most matrimonial ads are published. ROD ads allow you to highlight certain words in bold font to draw attention.

b. Display ads allow you to add colour backgrounds, images and font formatting to draw attention to your matrimonial advertisement.

Step 2: Select the newspaper, location, and ad package

Irrespective of which ad format you choose, you will be shown a screen where you have the option to select a newspaper.

Times of India matrimonial classifieds newspaper list

Times of India belongs to the Times Group and you can choose to place an ad in any of the group’s publications.

Now choose the locations you want to definitely include.

Ads2buy newspaper location for matrimonial ads

Finally, select the ad package. Package prices will differ based on the number of lines of text you can write as well as the cost of additional lines of text.

Times of India matrimonial ad packages

Now click on the red “Compose Ad” button.

Step 3: Compose the ad

First, select the basic category. Whether you are creating an ad for a groom or for a bride. Then select the secondary classification that’s based on the profession, marital status, residence status (NRI), disability, religion, and caste.

Directly type the ad in the “Compose Ad” text area so that you avoid the chances of adding special characters that may not be printed correctly.

Times of India newspaper matrimonial ad compose

You can choose “Standard” or “High” under “Ad Visbility”. Choosing “High” will underline your ad and make it stand out from the other ads.

Now you can select the date when you want your ad to show up and then proceed to payment. The total approximate cost of your ad is shown before you make the payment.

Step 4: Preview and payment

Before making the payment, you can preview your ad as you will see it in print.

Here is how the preview will be shown.

Times of India matrimonial ad preview

If all of these steps seem difficult, you can also call them and place the ad via phone.

The numbers to call are 98107 64650 and 98109 86140.

Click here to download the latest rate card for placing a matrimonial ad in Times of India and it’s associated regional newspapers/publications.

The above rate card also has detailed add-on costs for additional ad options.

In addition to printed paper, Times of India Matrimonial ePaper is also available online for everyone to access free of cost.

Jodi Logik Tip

Most newspaper matrimonial ads call for a marriage biodata or biodata for marriage. Find out how you can create a marriage biodata that will get you noticed!line

The Hindu Matrimonial AdsThe Hindu Matrimonial Ads

Phone number for newspaer matrimonial ads

Phone Cotact: 1 800 3070 0404

Email for newspaper matrimonial ads

Email Contact:

The Hindu Sunday Classifieds is popular among the well-educated, English-speaking audience. The matrimonial classifieds section is also published on Sundays and you can book an ad using their online ad booking application.

You can access the online ad booking application here.

There is no rate card and the pricing is based on the number of characters and number of lines.

Step 1: Select “Matrimonial” classifieds ad

First, select the “Matrimonial” option from the list of classified ad types and select either a text ad or a display ad format.

Hindu Classifieds Homepage

Step 2: Select the newspaper

Hindu has three options to choose from:

1. The Hindu -English
2. The Hindu – Tamil
3. BusinessLine

Hindu marriage classifieds ads publishing

Step 3: Compose and preview

Now select the relevant categories – “Week-End” and “Matrimonial” if you have selected the Hindu. For BusinessLine alone, you will see “Week Day” as the option to select.

Now select the sub-categories and groups where you want your ad to be placed.

The subcategories are first to identify whether your ad will show up in Brides Wanted or Bridegrooms Wanted sections.

Additionally, you can select a category that is based on region (language/location/State), profession, marital status, cosmopolitan, physical disability.

Compose Hindu matrimonial ad

Now compose the ad in the text area and choose to bold certain words or change the background colour of the ad.

You can now preview the ad as it appears in the newspaper as shown below.

Hindu Matrimonial Ad Preview

If you have selected display ads, you can upload your own ad in a PDF format. The guidelines for creating your own display ad is as below.

The Hindu Display Ad Matrimonial Classifieds

There is no option to compose a display ad in the Hindu matrimonial classifieds.

Step 4: Schedule your ads

Now select the dates when you want your ad to be published. You can publish your ad any number of times!

Schedule dates for matrimonial ads in Hindu

Step 5: Payment summary and payment

Finally, you get to see your payment summary before you move to the payment gateway.

Hindu matrimonial ad payment summary

You can get in touch with the Hindu ad booking team by calling their toll free number 1800 3070 0404 or submit the online form that opens up when you click on “Get in touch” on the right side of the screen.

The Hindu doesn’t publish a rate card. Third-party advertisement booking companies publish them.

Hindustan Times Matrimonial AdHindustan Times Matrimonial Ad

Phone number for newspaer matrimonial ads

Phone Contact: 1 800 1031 800

Email for newspaper matrimonial ads

Email Contact:

To publish your matrimonial ad in Hindustan Times matrimonial page you can send them an email ( with your ad content.

Their ad sales team will email you the prices for the various ad packages.

These packages include a different combination of publications (locations) with the option to get your ad published in four consecutive Sunday prints for an additional cost.

Payment can be made via bank transfer or through credit or debit card. They will be happy to collect payment from your home.

Hindustan Times matrimonial epaper is available free of cost and that’s always beneficial for advertisers.

Mathrubhumi Classifieds matrimonialMathrubhumi classifieds: Matrimonial

Phone number for newspaer matrimonial ads

Phone Contact: 0495-2362000

Email for newspaper matrimonial ads

Email Contact:

First published in 1923, Mathrubhumi is a popular Malayalam language newspaper. The newspaper also publishes in major metro cities as well as the Gulf to cater to the Keralites who are living outside Kerala.

Matrimonial classifieds are published every Sunday.

You can visit BookMyAd to compose and publish your matrimonial ad.

Follow these steps to get your ad published on Mathrubhumi.

Step 1: Select matrimonial classifieds

From the homepage, select matrimonial classifieds by first choosing the sub-category (Brides Wanted, Grooms Wanted, Brides/Grooms Wanted, General).

Select matrimonil ad package for Mathrubhumi classifieds

Step 2: Compose and choose ad package

The second step would be to compose your ad. The newspaper can publish your ad in English or Malayalam. Malayalam text can be composed elsewhere and copied into to the text area.

Mathrubhumi recommends composing the ad in Malayalam using Google Input Tools. Once the ad is composed, you can add a headline for an additional fee.

Once the headline and the ad is complete, you can either select an ad package or select the editions in which the marriage classifieds ad will be published.

Finally, select the date or dates on which your ad will be published.

Compose and Preview Matrimonial ad for Mathrubhumi

A few more points to note:

1. You can pay an additional fee to highlight certain words in bold.
2. Mathrubhumi will not publish your ad if you include your profile ID from matrimonial sites such as or
3. You need to upload a Government approved ID proof (PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Drivers License, Voter ID).

Mathrubhumi’s matrimonial classified rate card is published online. You can find it here.

If you need support, you can email

Manorama Matrimonial ClassifiedsManorama matrimonial classifieds

Phone number for newspaer matrimonial ads

Phone Contact: 94962 62000Email for newspaper matrimonial ads

Email Contact:

Malayala Manorama is one of the oldest regional language publications in India. First published in 1988, Malayala Manorama is a leading newspaper and magazine in Kerela. They also publish in Hindi (Vanitha) and English (The Week).

Follow these steps to book your Malayala Manorama matrimonial classifieds ad.

Step 1: Choose matrimonial classifieds

First, visit the Manorama Classifieds website and click on the red “Book My Ad” button under “Matrimonial”.

Select matrimonial ads in Malatala Manorama Classifieds

Step 2: Create or log in to your account

You will need an account with Malayala Manorama to create your matrimonial ad. You can sign up using your social media credentials or by using your email.

Sign up for a malayala manorama account

You will be asked to verify your email address and phone number so please make sure you use a valid email address and phone number when you create a new account.

Once you verify your contact information, you are prompted to provide your address as well!

Step 3: Choose ad delivery option

Malayala Manorama gives you three options to choose from:

1. Print only ad
2. Online only ad
3. Print and Online ad

Choose matrimonial ad delivery options in Malayala Manorama

Select an option. We selected the print-only option.

Step 4: Select text or display ad

Now, select either a text ad or a display ad.

Text and display ads in malayala manorama

Step 5: Composing text ad

Composing text ads is based on templates available. Select a template and you can fill in the blank boxes as per the template. You cannot change the format once a template is chosen. You can choose to leave it blank or you can change the content completely in a subsequent screen.

Template for matrimonial ad in Malayala Manorama

In the next screen, you have the option to change your content or even type the content in Malayalam using the Google Input Tools.

Once this is done, you can choose to add a headline for an additional cost, include special symbols to attract attention, choose the publications, dates, and calculate the total cost of your ad. The preview of the matrimonial ad is also displayed on the same page.

Compose and schedule matrimonial ads in Malayala Manorama

Finally, you are asked to upload ID proof before you can make the payment.

Malayala Manorama matrimonial ad ID proof

If you choose to go for display ads, Malayala Manorama gives you two options.

1. You can compose the display ad based on a couple of templates they have.

2. You can upload a display ad you may have created as long as it meets their publishing guidelines.

Malayala Mnorama Display Ads

If you need help, you can email Malayala Monorama at or call +91 9496262000

Amar Ujala Matrimonial AdvertisementAmar Ujala Matrimonial Advertisements

Phone number for newspaer matrimonial ads

Phone Contact: Click to view local offices and contact numbers Email for newspaper matrimonial ads

Email Contact:

Amar Ujala is one of the largest newspapers in India in terms of circulation and is published in the Hindi language. Amar Ujala matrimonial ads are published on Sundays.

To place your matrimonial ad in Amar Ujala, you have two options:

1. Directly visit one of their offices and place an ad.

2. Click here to get a list of all their offices and their address.

The other option is to use online third-party ad publishing companies such as releaseMyAd and Ad2Publish.

We will review both these options in separately.

Amar Ujala Matrimonial ePaper is also available and could potentially increase your chances of getting more responses.

Dainik Jagran Matrimony AdDainik Jagran Matrimony Ad

Phone number for newspaer matrimonial ads

Phone Contact: 011 30651150Email for newspaper matrimonial ads

Email Contact:

According to Wikipedia, Dainik Jagran is India’s largest newspaper by circulation. Headquartered in Kanpur, Dainik Jagran publishes matrimonial classifieds every Sunday.

Matrimonial advertisement in Dainik Jagran can be published by visiting their ad booking site.

Click here to visit the ad booking site.

Here are the steps to book your matrimonial ad on Dainik Jagran.

Step 1: Create your matrimonial ad

First select the sub-category (Brides and Bridegrooms wanted) and additional category that’s based on caste, region (language), and profession.

Then compose your ad. You can just click on the sample ads to get the sample in the text editor. You can then customise the sample to your requirement.

Click on the Preview button to view your ad as it will appear in the newspaper.

Choose your package and apply optional extras such as bold, border, shehnai icon, colour and PO Box for contact.

Dainik Jagran Matrimonial Ad Compose and Preview

Finally, select the dates and proceed to payment!

Step 2: Preview and pay

Now you can preview your ad, category and total price before you proceed to payment.

Dainik Jagran Matrimonial Advertisement preview and pay

The rates for classified ads on Dainik Jagran (and this includes matrimonial classifieds ads as well) is available here.

Indian Express Matrimonial Classifieds

Phone number for newspaer matrimonial ads

Phone Contact: Click here to view local offices and contact numbers

Email for newspaper matrimonial ads

Email Contact: None available

Indian Express is a well-known English language publication that now publishes in Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi and Bengali.

They do not have direct online booking option. You can use third-party service providers like releaseMyAd or Ads2Publish.

You can also call visit the local Indian Express office to book an ad. However, if there are multiple local offices in your city, you will have to first figure out where the booking can be done. This might require multiple phone calls as this information is not easy to get even from their office!

Essential tips for your matrimonial advertisement in newspaper

1. Make sure your contact number or email address is correct. A mistake in any one of these is money down the drain.

2. Keep a separate email id and telephone number for matrimonial ads. You never know who will call you or email you.

3. Use the email address to share details about the bride or the groom. Example, create an email address such to indicate your caste, age and location.

4. While you may want to save money by using abbreviations, please do not forget the purpose of the ad i.e to maximise responses. Don’t go crazy with abbreviations.

5. Pick the right newspaper for placing your matrimonial ad. Don’t publish your ad in a newspaper if the readership base doesn’t include the kind of matches you are looking for!

6. Consider placing the ad in regional languages as well. Remember, your ad could be seen not only by the prospective match’s parents but also by their relatives.

7. Make sure your ad is reasonable and not funny. The last thing you want is your ad being listed among the craziest matrimonial ads list!

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