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Chennai MTC Bus

The Woman’s Guide to Using the MTC Bus In Chennai

The MTC bus is the lifeblood of Chennai, but... The MTC (Metropolitan Transport Corporation) Bus is to Chennai what the Indian railways are to India! The ubiquitous MTC bus that hogs every major street and...
Valentine's Day in India

Valentine’s Day in India – The Untold History!

Valentine's day in India - Announcing a new discovery! Most Indians believe that Valentine's day in India is a cultural import from the west along with other goodies like sugary, carbonated drinks and junk food. If...
Indian wedding gifts for Software Engineers

7 Indian Wedding Gifts For A Software Engineer

Indian wedding gifts for software engineers If you are invited to the wedding of a software engineer in India or elsewhere, you should read this blog post. We have done a scientific analysis on the...
South Indian Wedding Feast

A Guide To Tackling The South Indian Wedding Feast

Let's start off with a quiz on South Indian wedding feast 1. What's the most important reason for attending a South Indian wedding? No prizes for guessing! It's the South Indian wedding feast. To hell with...

11 Ways To Break Your New Year Resolutions Without Breaking Them!

Creative ways to break your New Year resolutions We all are guilty of making New Year resolutions in our lives. As you would have already realised by now, it is extremely hard to follow through...

10 Commandments On Love For Indians

Sandhya Ramachandran, in this brilliant blog post, lists the 10 commandments of love applicable for Indians. Read on and prepare to laugh! This is a post for Dummies; a sort of ‘101’ or listicle if...
Image showing a man in business suit shouting in front of his colleagues

Predicting Your Behaviour With Your Wife

Jodi Logik will seek out weird questions and provide weirder answers. Steve Jobs once said, "Stay hungry. Stay foolish." We have decided to stay foolish for sure. There is no chance of staying hungry...