Predicting Your Behaviour With Your Wife


Jodi Logik will seek out weird questions and provide weirder answers. Steve Jobs once said, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” We have decided to stay foolish for sure. There is no chance of staying hungry with so many moms around us. This is not America!

So what’s the foolish question that we decided to take on this week?

“I am bad with my phone, will I be good with my wife?”

Here goes ur response. Wear your seat belts in case you fall off the chair unable to tolerate the silliness you are about to encounter.

Let’s first list out all possible ways you can be bad with your phone and then see what happens when you repeat the same behavior with your wife.

Drop the phone often

GIF animation showing couple dancing and the wife accidentally knocked out

You probably drop your wife often. This could be good and bad. Dropping her off for shopping is great, but dropping her when you are waltzing or dancing is bad. Dropping her from a cliff is really bad.

Drown the phone in the toilet

GIF animation showing a cellphone being flushed down the toilet.

This is bad. I don’t want to tell you that if you try this with your wife, you will probably become the most hated man on this planet.

Starving the phone by not charging

GIF animation showing low battery warning

If you keep hearing the sad noises that your phone makes when it is about to run out of juice, you probably don’t bother to provide for your wife. Why the hell did you marry?

Using gross phone accessories


Image showing man using a hamburger shaped phone stand

Yes, this behavior also counts as an abuse. You probably are way too suspicious of your wife and you try to influence how your wife dresses or always tell her to cover up!

Talking loudly on the phone in public places

Image showing a man in business suit shouting in front of his colleagues

You are probably one of those idiots that talk loudly in public places and create a nuisance. Going by your behavior, you probably also shout at your wife in public places.

And the answer is…

Animation showing Bugsbunny showing sign that says "silly isn't he" and a dog clowning around.

Tallying up the behavior clearly tells us that you will be what I call a “loser husband” and you should remain single for the good of the mankind 🙂

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