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Marriage halls in Chennai
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Marriage halls in Chennai – Choices galore but…

When it’s time to plan a wedding, the first thing that families think about is booking a venue for the wedding. There are hundreds of marriage halls in Chennai and there is no single reliable source for pricing information, capacity and terms and conditions to help you choose a marriage hall that fits your location preference, facilities and bhttpudgets.

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5 Reasons Why Choosing a Wedding Venue is Not Easy!

1. Flexible capacity: You need to a fairly good idea about the size of your guest list before fixing the venue. You should always book a venue that has the option to accommodate fewer or more guests than planned. You should also draw a separate list of floating guests (office colleagues, friends, acquaintances) who may not hang around at the wedding hall, unlike close family and friends.

2. Variable Price: Marriage halls in Chennai and elsewhere have two price components – fixed and variable. Variable price components include items like cleaning, electricity consumption, hiring housekeeping staff, to name a few. Fixed price includes hall rent. Understanding the terms and conditions up front and planning for it is not easy as information is scarce.

3. Wedding Vendors: Most marriage halls in Chennai and wedding venues have certain dos and don’ts when it comes to hiring wedding vendors for catering, decoration, audio/video to name a few. Some of them will not let you use vendors of your choice. You will end up spending a lot of time understanding the cost implications of the venue’s terms and conditions for using wedding vendors.

4. Rent Vs Plate: When you book banquet rooms in hotels and resorts, pricing is usually based on the number of plates served. However, most hotels and resorts will expect you to bring in a minimum number of guests. If you cannot fill the venue, you will end up paying a rental fee as well. Hotels and resorts have a target revenue per facility for a time slot. Knowing this up front is critical.

5. Location and Date: Marriage halls in Chennai will cost you more if you want a great location. It also means greater difficulty in getting the dates you want. So book your marriage hall in advance. One year ahead of the planned date is ideal if the date falls in the “marriage season” also called the muhurtam season”. February to June and September to December 15th is the typical marriage season. Most marriage halls in Chennai have a minimum 2-day rental requirement as well.

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We decided to do a thorough review of all the marriage halls in Chennai. We did not stop just with marriage halls, we scouted banquet halls and wedding venues across the city that seem to cater to every budget and preference. Along with the highlights of every venue, we have also included details about terms and conditions that may be applied so that your job of shortlisting a venue becomes much easier.

Premium marriage halls in Chennai

Premium marriage halls in Chennai

Here is a list of all premium marriage halls in Chennai. We decided to exclude banquet centres offered by hotels and resorts from this category. The list only includes marriage halls in Chennai that can cater to over 500 guests, centrally airconditioned, has ample parking and a prime location falls into this category. In other words, these are marriage halls preferred by the rich and the famous!

1. Rani Meyammai Hall

Rani Meyammai Hall is the go-to wedding hall for high-profile marriages and events. It’s located adjacent to Raja Muthiah Hall. Rani Meyammai Hall is in fact slightly larger among the two venues. It can accommodate 900 guests and can handle 400 guests in the dining hall at a time.

Marriage Halls In Chennai
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Location: 18 C, Rukmani Lakshmi Pathi Road, Egmore, Chennai 600 008.
Contact: +91 44 2855 3700
Price and Terms: Rs.8.05 Lakhs plus taxes and expenses such as electricity and housekeeping services. Allows catering, decoration, and audio/video vendors of your choice.

2. Raja Muthiah Hall

Along with Rani Meyammai Hall, Raja Muthiah Hall has the honour of hosting high profile marriages in Chennai. With a capacity to handle 700 guests and air-conditioned premises with modern facilities, Raja Muthaiah hall gives you the perfect canvas to conduct a big fat Indian wedding. The balcony seating in Raja Muthiah Hall and Rani Meyammai Hall adds a touch of grandeur. Rajnikanth’s daughter and Vishwanathan Anand had their weddings at this hall. Together with Rani Meyammai Hall, you have the king and the queen of marriage halls in Chennai.

Location: 18 D, Rukmani Lakshmi Pathi Road, Egmore, Chennai 600 008.
Contact: +91 44 2855 37003700
Price and Terms: Rs.7.76 Lakhs plus taxes and expenses such as electricity and housekeeping services. Allows catering, decoration, and audio/video vendors of your choice.

3. Mayor Ramanathan Chettiar Hall

Named after Ramaswami Ramanathan Chettiar, who was a parliamentarian and the first director of RBI, this venue is one of the most elegant and well-designed wedding halls in Chennai. With a capacity to handle 1000 guests and ample parking, the air-conditioned hall with its stately dais provides a great canvas to organise a grand Indian wedding.

marriage Halls in Chennai

Did you know? Muthiah Muralidharan, the legendary Srilankan cricketer had his wedding here!

Location: 72/2 Santhome High Rd, Mandavelipakkam, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028.
Contact: +91 44 4985 7595, +91 97893 18690
Price and Terms: Rs.7.18 Lakhs including tax plus maintenance and electricity. Allows catering, decoration, and audio/video vendors of your choice.

4. AVM Rajeshwari Kalyana Mandapam

AVM Rajeshwari Kalyana Mandapam is counted among the prestigious marriage halls in Chennai. This marriage hall has an interesting history. It used to be called the Devakottai House and belonged to the AV Meyappan and his wife Rajeshwari Meyyapan. It was converted into a wedding hall after their demise.

Marriage Halls In Chennai

Another interesting feature of this wedding hall is that you will find vintage posters from movies, produced by the AVM studios, in the corridor leading to the spacious dining hall.

Location: 97, Dr Radhakrishnan Road Mylapore, Chennai – 600004.
Contact: +91 44 2811 2312, +91 44 2811 3158
Price and Terms: Rs.7.5 Lakhs per day plus expenses. Allows catering, decoration, and audio/video vendors of your choice.

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Popular Marriage Halls in Chennai

Marriage halls in ChennaiHere is a list of marriage halls in Chennai that may not always cater to the rich the famous. They are centrally located and may or may not have central air conditioning. Some of them are dated in design and decor yet they have built up a brand reputation in the market.

5. Raghavendra Mandapam

Raghavendra Mandapam belongs to the Rajnikanth, the superstar of Tamil cinema. It’s a huge venue and can accommodate about 1600 guests. It is located in the heart of Kollywood, i.e Kodambakkam, Chennai.

Marriage Halls In Chennai

Did you know that Rajnikanth threw open the Mandapam to all the sanitary workers who were bussed in from different parts of Tamil Nadu during the 2015 Chennai floods? He also made the premise available for Anna Hazare’s movement.

Location: No. 29 B, Main Road, Viswanathapuram, Kodambakkam, Chennai-600024
Contact: +91 44 2483 5391, 2483 8890
Price and Terms: Rs.4 Lakhs per day plus taxes and housekeeping. Allows catering and audio / visual vendors of your choice. Decoration provided only through an in-house vendor. A minimum of two days booking required during the wedding season.

6. Em El Em Kalyana Mandapam

If you are looking for a spectacular yet intimate setting, Em El Em Kalyana Mandapam is the go-to place. Located in Mahalingapuram, this marriage hall can accommodate 1100 guests, has a modern kitchen and dining area, and provides ample car parking.

Marriage Halls In Chennai

That’s not all, the location also has a mini hall that can accommodate 350 guests. This marriage hall gives you the flexibility to plan a small wedding ceremony with close relatives and friends at the mini hall and use the larger facility for a grand reception.

Location: Mahalingapuram Main Road, Chennai 600034.
Contact: +91 44 2817 5969, +91 044 2817 2980
Price and Terms: Rs. 6 Lakhs plus tax for two days. Price also includes 10 rooms for the marriage party to stay. Allows catering and audio/video vendors of your choice. Decoration should be done using their in-house vendor.

7. EVP Rajeshwari

EVP Rajeshwari has 10 marriage halls in Chennai and almost all of them are large-capacity (can handle on an average 1000+ guests). All their marriage halls have centralised air conditioning and all the other bells and whistles that you can expect from a modern venue for a wedding.

Marriage Halls In Chennai

EVP Rajeshwari halls trump other marriage halls in Chennai when it comes to the grandeur of entrance with sweeping porticos, fountains, gardens and large parking areas.

Location: EVP Rajeswari Marriage Palace, Kolapakkam, Near MIOT Hospital, Chennai.
Contact: +91 94444 03848, +91 94450 11111
Price and Terms: Rs.4 Lakhs per day (all inclusive price). Allows wedding vendors of your choice.

8. Aishwarya Mahal

Located on the 100 Feet Road near the Koyambedu Bus Station and Arumbakkam Metro Station, Aishwarya Mahal is counted among the large wedding venues in Chennai and is relatively a new facility (built in 2001). With a capacity to handle 1500 guests, this centrally air-conditioned marriage hall can also serve 500 guests at a time in the dining hall.

Marriage Halls in Chennai

Aishwarya Mahal is in the same complex as the Sowbaghya Mahal that has a capacity to handle 500 guests.

Location: New No. 151 Jawaharlal Nehru Road, 100 feet Road, MMDA, Chennai 600106.
Contact Number: +91 44 2475 6619/6627/8618, +91 87545 14611
Price and Terms: Rs. 6.5 Lakhs for 2 days. Allows catering and audio/video vendors of your choice. Decoration should be done using their in-house vendor.

9. Vijay Shreemahal

Located in the heart of Anna Nagar, this is a large facility with a capacity to handle 1500 guests. In fact, adjacent to this marriage hall, there are three other large halls – Kailash Shreemahal, Balaji Shreemahal, and Krishna Shreemahal. Vijay Shree Mahal has a modern kitchen and an in-house Temple as well.

Marriage Halls in Chennai

Location: P1/1, Third Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600 040.
Contact: +91 44 2621 4546, +91 44 2626 7777
Price and Terms: For 2 days, Rs. 5.20 lakhs plus service tax plus Rs. 2 lakhs caution deposit. No outside decorators allowed and decorations start from Rs. 40,000.

10. Dwaraka Palace

If you are looking for a decent marriage hall that is also well organised and relatively modern, Dwaraka Palace should be on your shortlist. This marriage hall can accommodate about 900 guests and can serve 200 people at a time in the dining hall. All the facilities needed to perform a Hindu marriage ceremony are readily available. The marriage hall also has ample car parking for guests.

Marriage Halls in Chennai

Location: #63, 1st Seaward Road, Valmiki Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600 041.
Contact: +91 44 6565 5858 / +91 98456 66666
Price and Terms: 5 lakhs per day plus taxes. Price is inclusive of 6 guest rooms, screens and sound system. You will have necessarily use caterers and decorators provided by the venue.

11. SGR Mahal – Budget Marriage Hall In Chennai

This is yet another well planned, centrally air-conditioned marriage hall in the outskirts of Chennai. The main hall can accommodate 1000+ guests and there is a mini hall for smaller gatherings.

Marriage Halls in Chennai

You also have access to a plethora of services such as catering, decoration, bridal makeup, organising live traditional south Indian music and videography. Definitely, a great place if you have limited budgets.

Location: Plot No.1, Vijayapuram, Mambakkam Main road, Sithalapakkam, Chennai – 600126.
Contact: +91 98403 24148, +91 98403 75535
Price and Terms: Rent Rs. 1.95 Lakhs per day. Decorations to be handled by the in-house vendor. Charges for decoration starts at Rs. 50,000 and up. You can bring in all other vendors of your choice.

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Old-Fashioned Wedding Halls In Chennai Hotels

Marriage Halls In Chennai

12. Palmgroove Hotel

Hotel Palmgrove is synonymous with marriages in Chennai and there is a reason for it! The hotel was inaugurated in 1973 and is nestled among lush coconut trees smack in the heart of Chennai not very far from the US Consulate at the Gemini Flyover.

Marriage venues in hotels

A decade ago, before the explosive growth in the number of marriage halls in Chennai, Hotel Palmgrove was a preferred choice for most middle-class and upper-middle-class marriages. Things have stayed frozen in time. In any case, the hotel’s banquet hall can accommodate about 500 guests. Food and venue decoration services are provided by the Hotel.

Location: No. 13, Kodambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai-600034.
Contact: +91 44 2827 1881
Price and Terms: Rs.1.9 Lakhs plus taxes for a 500 capacity banquet hall. You can rent the lawn for a fee of Rs. 25,000. Catering and decoration are done only through in-house vendors. Per plate cost is anywhere between Rs.300 to Rs.600 plus taxes.

13. Woodlands Hotel

If you prefer art-deco style, old-school venue, the venerable Woodlands Hotel is a great option! This is definitely a step up in terms of quality of the location and service when compared to similar properties.

Wedding halls in hotels
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The New Woodlands Hotel has earned a reputation for serving authentic south Indian food even today and is a definite plus when it comes to organising a wedding. They have a banquet hall for weddings and an outdoor space as well if you want an outdoor wedding or reception.

Location: 72-75, Dr.Radhakrishnan Road, P.B No 626 Mylapore, Chennai-600004.
Contact: +91 44 28113111/49113111
Price and Terms: Rs.2 Lakhs per day for the banquet hall or Rs. 80,000 per day for the outdoor venue. Decoration and food provided in-house. price per plate ranges from Rs.300 per plate to Rs 500 per plate plus tax. The minimum cost of decoration service is Rs. 15,000.

14. Madras Hotel Ashoka

This venerable property belongs to the same organisation that owns the Palmgrove hotel. Certainly a better option among the two properties. Also located close the Egmore Museum, the hotel has a decent sized banquet hall (about 400 guests) that can be used for weddings and functions.

Wedding venues in hotels

Location: 47, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai – 600 008.
Contact: +91 44 2855 337
Price and Terms: Rs.85,000 for a slot of three hours and Rs.319 per plate including all taxes. Please check with the venue about options for decoration and other services.

South Indian Bridal MakeupStunning Wedding Venues In Chennai

Marriage halls in ChennaiTired of the usual marriage halls in Chennai and banquet halls in Star hotels? We compiled a list of spectacular places to conduct your dream wedding. These wedding venues provide an amazing canvas to create a wedding experience of your choice.

15. Rina’s Venue

Rina’s Venue is arguably the most stunning location to organise a wedding in Chennai. It’s a 6000 Square feet farm house that’s surrounded by gardens and plush green lawn and that can be transformed into a magical place for an intimate wedding ceremony. The farmhouse is adorned with exquisite artwork and is built in a traditional south Indian architecture.

Marriage Halls in Chennai

Here an extract from their website “Each and every piece of art and sculpture was handpicked, from the Raja Ravi Varma framed on the walls to the brass lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Further, the house also boasts carved wooden doors to an inviting swing, it all feels like you are in another world.

Location: 2 Bhakta Vedanta Swami Salai, Near ISKON Temple, Injambakkam, Akkarai, Chennai – 600 041.
Contact:+91 98407 00712
Price and Terms: Rs.2 Lakhs per day plus taxes and electricity consumption charges. Decorations will be handled by the venue approved vendor only. You can bring in wedding service providers of your choice.

16. Hanu Reddy Residences

Hanu Reddy Residences has a couple of excellent locations in Chennai that offers serviced apartments in the heart of the city. These locations serve as intimate wedding venues and come loaded with facilities such as place for the guests to stay, decoration and catering services.

Marriage Halls in Chennai

The lush green surroundings and the well-maintained gardens provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable wedding ceremony. Hanu Reddy Residences are rated highly on TripAdvisor as well.

Location: No. 41/19, Poes Garden, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600086.
Contact: +91 44 2466 1021
Price and Terms: You can rent the banquet hall or the roof top garden for Rs. 50,000 plus taxes. They provide catering services and the charges are Rs.900 plus tax per plate.
Religious ceremonies such as the homam can be arranged outside the banquet hall under a tent.

17. SPP Gardens

Fourteen acres of lush green landscape with water bodies, trees and flowers all around and all of this near Anna Nagar, Chennai! That’s Shiva Parvathi Pushpa Gardens for you. This place attracts a lot of film shooting and is also a great place to conduct your fairy tale wedding ceremony. They even have Hanu Reddy Residences at this location! This venue can accommodate about 3000 guests.

Marriage Halls in Chennai

Location: 51, Seemathamma Koil Street, Mettukuppam Road, Maduravoyal, Chennai 600095.
Contact: +91 91763 59083, +91 99627 55823
Price and Terms: Rs. 4.5 Lakhs/day rent plus taxes. This rental also includes two complimentary rooms along with the lawn set up. Rent applicable for 1000 guests. You can use vendors of your choice.

18. Harsha Gardens

If you are OK to get out of the city centre, Harsha Gardens should be on your list of wedding venues in Chennai. Situated about 10 kilometres from Tambaram, Harsha Gardens is a majestic wedding hall amidst lush gardens and trees. This marriage hall can seat about 1000 guests and has an expansive lawn to cater to outdoor events as well.

Marriage Halls in Chennai

Location: MGR Nagar bus stand, Karasangal, Tambaram – Padapai Road, Chennai – 601301.
Contact: +91 99416 22222 , +91 99416 33333
Price and Terms: Rs. 6 Lakhs per day plus housekeeping and consumables.
Decorations should be done using their in-house decorators. You can bring in caterers and other service providers of your choice.

19. Green Meadows Resort

This is a moderately priced resort that boasts of a 10,000 square feet lawn that can seat about 1500 guests and a couple of small banquet halls as well. This resort will be an ideal location for organising a wedding reception. It’s also not very far away from the city.

Marriage Halls in Chennai

Location: 4/364 A, Anna Salai, Palavakkam, Chennai – 600 041, India
Contact: +91 44 2451 5555, +91 99 4499 0950
Price and Terms: Rs. 660 plus taxes if you can bring in adequate guests. You can bring in wedding vendors of your choice except for lighting and electrical work.

South Indian Bridal SareesWedding Venues along the East Coast Road In Chennai

Wedding venues in ChennaiThe East Coast Road has morphed into the entertainment and weekend getaway hotspot in Chennai. There are numerous resorts dotting this stretch of the road facing the Bay of Bengal. We picked a bunch of resorts that can offer you a memorable location for your wedding.

20. Fisherman’s Cove – Beach Wedding

If you ever wanted a fairytale wedding by the beach, there are a few options in Chennai as is blessed with a long coastline. The first choice (and as always, the most expensive) is the Taj Fisherman’s Cove beach resort that is considered as the jewel in the East Coast Road.

Here is a beautiful wedding video shot at the Fisherman’s Cove.

Their outdoor location by the shore can accommodate 4000 guests! Of course, the service and food are managed by the legendary Taj Hospitality team and you can’t ask for anything better. That’s not all, this location also offers pre-wedding events and of course, the couple need not go anywhere else to celebrate their honeymoon as well.

Location: Covelong Beach, Kancheepuram Dist., Chennai, Tamil Nadu 603112.
Contact: +91 44 6741 3333

21. Raddison Blu Temple Bay Resort

Imagine your wedding on the pristine shores of the Bay of Bengal with the ancient Mamallapuram Shore Temples in the background accompanied by 5 Star service and exquisite decoration and food for guests. Can you think of any other wedding location that can beat this?

That’s not all, their 10,000 square foot banquet hall can help you perform all the rituals in an indoor setting before opening up the ballroom to the outdoors! Magical isn’t it? Of course, magical wedding experiences like this has a price to pay as well.

Location: 57 Covelong Road, Kanchipuram Dist, Mamallapuram 603104.
Contact: Tel: +91 44 2744 3636
Price and Terms: Rs.1650 plus tax for vegetarian food per person. No rent for using the facilities if you can bring in adequate guests. Available in slots of 5 hours.

22. Confluence Resort

Confluence resort in the East Coast Road claims to have the largest pillarless banquet hall in South India with a seating capacity of 1400 guests! However, in reality, they fall short of the size of the banquet hall in ITC Grand Chola.

Wedding venues in Chennai

No matter what the claim is, the banquet hall in Confluence is a spectacular place to conduct your wedding. Just outside the banquet hall is their 65000 square feet lawn that can host 7000 people. Being a resort, you can host all your important guests at their villas and not worry about catering.

Location: ECR – OMR Junction ECR, Poonjeri, Mahabalipuram P.O, Kanchipuram (Dist), Chennai – 603 104.
Contact: +91 44 3072 3070 or +91 96000 19195 / 6
Price and Terms: Rs.3.9 Lakhs per day to use their banquet hall or Rs.1800 per plate. Deals on room rentals available when you use their banquet hall.

23. Esthell – the Village Resort

Esthell Village Resort is a 30-acre resort that provides a host of fun activities for its guests. The resort is a great choice for budget-conscious couples who want to get married in an outdoor setting. Please note that although this resort is not very far from Mahabalipuram, there is no beach access from the resort. There are 5 acres of open lawn available for your wedding ceremony or a grand reception and banquet rooms for conducting traditional rituals.

Wedding venues in Chennai

Location: Thirukazhukunram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Contact: +91 96000 58311, +91 77087 75666

24. Risa Banquets

Here is yet another addition to the long list of marriage venues on the East Coast road. Risa Banquets can double up as a place to organise intimate wedding and reception or any other meeting or corporate event.

Wedding venues in Chennai

The Grand Hall can accommodate 500 guests in style. The well-appointed interiors and the attention to detail stand out. You will get a Star Hotel experience here as have a one of a kind welcome lounge for guests.

Location: No 1, East Coast Road, Vettuvankeni, Chennai – 600115.
Contact: +91 81898 21888
Price and Terms: Rs. 1.50 Lakhs per day plus housekeeping and taxes. This location lets you bring caterers, decorators other vendors of your choice.

25. Madras Hall

The Madras Hall is a luxurious banquet hall perfect for a small wedding party of 500 guests. It’s marble flooring, tastefully decorated doorways, and well-maintained premises provide an upmarket look.

Wedding venues in Chennai

This location has a 700 seater, 4000 square foot outdoor lawn as well for wedding receptions. In addition to the Madras Hall, there are smaller sized banquet halls as well if your guest list is less than 500 people.

Location: 81-82 Injambakkam, East Coast Road, Chennai 600115
Contact: +91 98847 55582

Red flags in arranged marriage5 Star Wedding Venues In Chennai

Marriage Halls In ChennaiIf you prefer the ambience and the organised efficiency of a 5 Star Hotel for your wedding, there are plenty of options in and around Chennai. Becuase Chennai is the political and business capital of Tamil Nadu, almost every major hotel brand has a presence in Chennai. Most of these hotels offer exquisite banquet halls and all the services you will need to pull off a memorable wedding ceremony and reception. Here is our curated list of wedding venues in Chennai if you hate the traditional marriage halls in Chennai!

26. Raintree, Anna Salai

Raintree has a couple of world-class hotel properties in Chennai. Raintree locations offer a cosy 5 Star experience for its guests and because they are relatively smaller in size, every guest gets a personalised experience.

Wedding venues in Chennai

The Anna Salai location has two fabulous banquet rooms called the Purple Room and the Mauve-Lilac Room. They both have 3400 square feet of space and can accommodate 250 guests. Of course, the hotel offers exquisite catering services and all the technology you need to conduct a wedding or a reception.

Location: 636 Anna Salai Chennai 600035
Contact: +91 44 4393 9999
Price and Terms: Rs.1300 plus tax per plate. No rental charges for the banquet rooms if you can fill the ballroom. You can use the space in 5-hour slots. You can use vendors of your choice for decoration or photography. The hotel doesn’t allow live south Indian wedding music i.e Nadaswaram and Thavil.

27. Leela Palace Chennai

The Leela Palace has a couple of exquisite ballrooms and a convention centre that can accommodate up to 1500 guests. The location of this hotel certainly makes any wedding ceremony magical as it is by the sea in the heart of the city!

Wedding venues in Chennai

The facility offers a procession-assembly area on a private road (ideal for Mapillai Azhaippu or Baarat), open terrace for fireworks and halls with high ceilings that provide a great canvas for your dream wedding ceremony.

Here is a wedding music video shot at the Leela Palace, Chennai.

Location: Adyar Sea Face, M.R.C Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028
Contact: +91 44 3366 1234
Price and Terms: Rs. 2500 plus tax per plate for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. You can bring in vendors of your choice other than catering. No additional rental charges if you can bring in 800 guests (plate count) for the Grand Ballroom. Their rental charges are Rs. 20 lakhs for a 5-hour slot for the large ballroom. The smaller ballroom costs about Rs. 12 Lakhs rent for a 5-hour slot if you choose not to pay per plate.

28. Westin, Velachery

Westin Velachery provides a dedicated wedding event experience offering and has a wedding specialist to design a memorable experience for you. Supported by an experienced catering and decoration team, you can easily host up to 500 guests for a dream wedding here.

Wedding venues in ChennaiThe Inspire Ballroom has a capacity to handle 500 guests and Evolve Ballroom can handle 400 guests. That’s not all, Westin Velachery is located a stone’s throw from Phoenix Market City where you can shop for all high-end wedding dresses and accessories.

Location: 154 Velachery Main Road · Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600042
Contact: +91 44 6633 3777
Price and Terms: Rs.1600 plus taxes for vegetarian fare per plate. Need to use in-house vendors and no outside vendors are allowed. No rental charges applicable if you can bring in enough guests to fill the banquet hall.

29. Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency is located band in the centre of Chennai. It is an imposing building and houses the hotel and a shopping mall. The Regency Ballroom and the pre-function areas can easily accommodate 800 guests for a wedding ceremony or reception.

Wedding venues in Chennai

Hyatt has a team of wedding specialists and event organisers who can help you choose the style, decoration, menu to pull off a great event. They even let you taste the menu items and of course can organise an awesome wedding cake as well. The perks of organising a wedding in a large chain like Hyatt is that you could possibly also get a free night for your Honeymoon in any of their locations around the world!

Check out this video of a wedding organised at Hyatt Regency.


Location: 365, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai.
Contact: +91 44 6100 1234
Price and Terms: Rs. 1650 plus taxes per person for lunch and Rs. 1750 plus taxes per person for dinner. You can bring in your vendors of choice if required. You will have to bring the minimum number of guests if you don’t want to pay rent.

30. ITC Grand Chola

ITC Grand Chola, true to its name, is an imposing 5 Star hotel in the heart of Chennai. If you have the deep pockets, the hotel can rent you the Rajendra Banquet hall. It has an astounding 2465 square meter (that’s more than a third of a standard size football field! You can definitely plan a big fat Indian wedding with over 2000 guests!) of pillarless floor space.

Wedding venues in Chennai

Location: No. 63, Mount Road, Guindy, Chennai- 600032 Tamil Nadu.
Contact: +91 44 2220 0000
Price and Terms: Rs.2800 per plate plus taxes. No rental charges applicable if you can bring in enough guests to meet the minimum banquet hall capacity. They allow wedding vendors of your choice at the venue.

31. Taj Coromandel

The Grand Ballroom is a venerable location for conducting wedding receptions and even weddings at the Taj Coromandel. This is an iconic hotel in Chennai and has hosted President Bill Clinton, President Jimmy Carter and the Emporer and Empress of Japan! The Grand Ballroom accommodates about 800 guests and comes loaded with audio/video, wedding catering, guest management and decoration services.

Wedding venues in Chennai

Location: 37, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Tirumurthy Nagar, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034.
Contact: +91-44-6600-2827
Price and Terms: Rs. 2500 per plate if you can bring in a minimum of 600 guests. The venue is available for 6 hours time slots. You can bring in wedding vendors of your choice.

32. Taj Connemara

Considered to among the oldest hotels in India and possibly one of the best hotels in India, Taj Connemara has a long history. Here is an extract from Wikipedia that explains the origins of this legendary hotel.

The property of Taj Connemara was originally a house bought by John Binny from The Nawab of Arcot in 1799. The property was later bought by T. Somasundara Mudaly and built as the Imperial Hotel in 1854 under the proprietorship of Triplicane Rathinavelu Mudaliar, renamed Albany in 1886 when it was leased to two other Mudaliar brothers, and re-established as The Connemara in 1890.

The hotel is currently closed for renovation and is expected to be opened in 2018. Here is a video of a stunning wedding at the Taj Connemara.

Location: Binny Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600002.
Contact: +91 44 6600 0000
The hotel is currently closed for renovation and will be open only in 2018.

33. Crowne Plaza Adyar Park

The Corne Plaza in Chennai is popularly known as “Adyar Gate”. In fact, there is a City Bus Stop right in front of the hotel and is known as the “Adyar Gate Stop”.

Wedding venues in Chennai

This imposing 5 Star hotel has over 250 rooms and has an imposing presence. It was originally built in the 1970s by the TTK group and has since then changed hands a couple of times. Their banquet halls can be categorised as moderate to small in size and can accommodate about 250 guests. They come loaded with all the 5 Star amenities you can expect.

Location: 132, TT Krishnamachari Rd, CIT Colony, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018.
Contact: +91 44 2499 4101
Price and Terms: Rs. 1600 per plate per person plus tax. Minimum guest count applicable. You will have necessarily use venue-approved wedding vendors.

34. Taj Club House

The Taj Club House is an elegant Taj property built at the same location that previously houses the prestigious Madras Club. This location is ideal for an intimate yet stunning wedding. If you are looking for a one-stop shop 5 Star facility to organise your wedding, this is it!

Wedding venues in Chennai

Taj Club House can line up photographers, priests, mehndi artists, choreographers, decorators, and even set up a glorious fireworks display to cap off the celebrations. They also offer pre-wedding wellness and rejuvenation treatments for the bride and the groom! Their ballroom has a capacity to handle 400 guests. But weddings are organised at their Banquet hall which can seat about 220 guests and can handle 500 floating guests.

Location: No. 2, Club House Road, Chennai, Tamilnadu – 600002.
Contact: +91 44 66313131
Price and Terms: Food is charged at Rs. 1450 plus tax per person for vegetarian and Rs 1750 plus tax person for non-vegetarian food. You can also rent the banquet hall for Rs.3.5 Lakhs/day. Please check with the venue about the minimum guest that may be applicable.

35. Feathers

Feathers is a 5 Star facility in Manapakkam (which happens to be close to the International Airport) Their largest ballroom, called the Carnation, can accommodate up to 2000 guests for wedding receptions! The hall is divisible into 3 individual spaces and comes with all the bells and whistles needed to pull off a stunning wedding.

Wedding Venues In Chennai

Location: 4/129, Mt Poonamalle High Rd, Manapakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600089.
Phone: +91 44 6677 6969
Price and Terms: Rs.1800 plus taxes for non-vegetarian menu and Rs. 1500 plus taxes for a vegetarian fare. You can bring in wedding vendors of your choice if needed. Please check with the venue about the minimum guest count.

Dotted Line11-Point Checklist for Booking Marriage Halls in Chennai

1. Waiting until the last minute means more money and compromises. Book your wedding hall no later than 6 months before the wedding. Some of the popular marriage halls in Chennai have a 1-year waiting list.

2. Understand the variable costs upfront. Don’t be caught on the wrong foot later. Variable costs include electricity consumption, housekeeping, rent for using any equipment to name a few.

3. Inspect the wedding hall before you book. What you see on the website may not be the reality on the ground. Most marriage halls in Chennai have no websites and even if they do, information is not updated.

4. Ask for references and do not hesitate to call up other renters. Talk to them about their experience in using the marriage hall.

5. Catering can be a potential minefield if you are forced to use a caterer provided by the venue owner. Make sure you know what you are signing up for.

6. Lack of parking space can ruin the guest experience. Most marriage halls in Chennai, located in prime commercial areas such as T. Nagar, have limited parking space. Please find out if the marriage hall can arrange valet parking and if there is sufficient parking space for your guests.

7. When you bring in vendors of your choice for decoration, audio/video, catering etc, please make sure they know the rules and regulations for using the premises. Any damage to the marriage hall property can cost you a lot of money.

8. Lax fire and safety standards are rampant in India and marriage halls in Chennai are no exception. Make sure you inspect the location and verify that the location has all the permissions from the local municipality or corporation to rent out the wedding hall.

9. In Star hotels, find out if they have a pre-function area to serve food. Typically hotels offer buffet-style service for weddings. If you want a traditional wedding feast, talk to your event coordinator from the hotel.

10. Some hotels may have restrictions to perform certain traditional ceremonies because of fire risk and noise. Make sure you know these restrictions before paying the advance.

11. Find out what is the refund policy in case you cancel the wedding after paying the advance. Every venue will have its own policy.

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Marriage Halls In Chennai

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Wedding venues in Chennai

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