7 Stunning Biodata Format That Will Get You A Response (GUARANTEED!)


The biodata format we use is bad. Really bad!Marriage biodata format or biodata for marriage

Why should your marriage biodata look like you stole it from someone?

We are not joking.

The collage of images above are some marriage biodata samples we found by using a simple Google search for “Marriage Biodata

Do you see the problems with the biodata format that most people use?

Here are 4 issues that we want to banish from the face of this earth!

1. Why should a biodata format look like a job resume? Would you consider printing your wedding invitation in a word document and distribute photocopies of it to the guests? We hear you screaming’NEVER!’. But why do you make the same mistake with your marriage biodata?

2. Would you ever meet a love interest without dressing up? Why do we not spend a little more time to format the biodata properly? Do you think you can impress a prospective match with a poorly formatted and confusing biodata format?

3. Are you still watching black and white TV at home? We are sure you have probably never seen a black and white TV if you were born in the 1990s or later. The world has moved on from black and white. Yet, there seems to be a fascination for ugly black and white biodata format! We can’t understand the reason.

4. Do you prefer to blend with the crowd? When you buy a smartphone, you make it your own by adding your custom phone cover, stickers, wallpaper and so on. So why does your marriage biodata format look like a carbon copy of any other marriage biodata format? Don’t you want to stand out or create a great first impression?

Yes, your marriage biodata need not be ugly. Watch this video to find out how you can create a marriage biodata in three simple steps!

Here is how we solved the biodata format problem

Jodi Logik was launched with one key objective in mind. Change the way Indians represent themselves through a marriage biodata. We launched our open beta version in April 2016.

Online Marriage Biodata
Jodi Logik’s Online Biodata

Our online biodata offers features never available on any other site or matrimony sites.

1. Automated video creation algorithm that converts your photographs and choices into a video.
2. Integrated messenger to help communicate with people viewing your biodata.
3. Trackable email invitations with password-protection to share your marriage biodata.
4. Encrypted site to offer you high-levels of privacy and security.
5 Hand-crafted themes to showcase your lifestyle.

Till date over 20000 people used our online biodata format and more customers are signing up every day.

However, we felt we needed to offer a downloadable or printable biodata format in addition to the online biodata format for marriage.

Our collaboration with Ashima Bawa

When we decided to create biodata formats for marriage, we wanted to elevate the level of sophistication and design to a standard never seen before. So we decided to collaborate with an artist who can convert our vision into reality.

We chose to work with Ashima Bawa, an illustrator and UI designer with experience in working for leading ad agencies and startups.

Designer for Jodi Logik
Ashima Bawa

We were impressed with Ashima’s work for Airtel, Pepsi, Akshay Patra and MakeMyTrip. Her unique blend of modern sensibilities and Indian ethos really captured our expectations for the biodata formats we wanted to create for Jodi Logik.

According to Ashima, “It was exciting to create each template as the brief was simple – go wild and use your imagination. The real challenge here was how do I create designs for the biodata format that will help Jodi Logik customers create a great first impression and stand out from the crowd.”

The recipe for our exquisite religious biodata formats

Here is how Ashima approached the challenging task of designing unique biodata templates that captured the essence of India and the unique traditions of every religion.

The first step was to really understand the visual symbols and imagery associated with the religion for which the biodata format was being created. It involved gaining at least a high-level understanding of art history, patterns, architecture, textures, symbols, icons and colours associated with the religion.

This information was then converted to visual notes in form of a mood board.

Then came the tricky part of making each template different from the other. Ashima started sketching and trying different layouts on a piece of paper. “I tried my best to fit all the information in a neat and readable manner. Each template has a unique font, patterns and colours to give it a flavour of the religion” according to Ashima.

For example, here is how the Hindu biodata format was created by Ashima.

Biodata format for marriage
Mood board for Hindu biodata format

As you can see in the mood board, she collected all the visual information of Hindu religion. The references included typical Hindu wedding cards, symbols of Lord Ganesh, the lord of good fortune and the remover of obstacles among other elements.

“I wanted to use rich colours, orange and magenta give you a festive mood since both are commonly used in decorations and sweet boxes. The orange also depicts marigold flower which is always present in the Hindu weddings. Different shades of pink and red are commonly found in Hindu weddings. Magenta is a colour that helps to create harmony and balance.”

Here is the final version of the Hindu biodata format.

Biodata format for Hindu
Sketch to final design – Hindu Biodata Format

The white area showing the arch is inspired by Rajput architecture. The Rajput rulers had a keen sense of beauty in art and architecture which is seen in the artistic excellence of their temples, forts and palaces.

The Hindu temple design follows a geometrical design called Vastu-Purusha-Mandala. Mandala means circle, Purusha is the universal essence at the core of Hindu tradition, while Vastu means the dwelling structure. Hence the mandala around the profile picture of the groom or bride. Symmetry is shown through the arches also depicts the grand and wide entrance to the ancient temples.

Critical information like birth time, moon sign, sun sign are visually depicted in form of Janampatri (Indian horoscope). To make it stand out, Ashima used the magenta colour.

Creating a comprehensive biodata format for modern Indians

In addition to religious themes for the biodata templates, we also designed two non-religious themes – the Classic Biodata Template and the Comprehensive Biodata Template.

Designing the comprehensive biodata layout was challenging.

First of all, this biodata format had to sport a neutral theme so that customers belonging to all religions can relate to it.

Another challenge was that a lot more information about the customer’s lifestyle choices and interests needed to be added to a single page biodata format.

Here is how Ashima conquered these challenges.

“I could not use any religious symbols or elements, so instead I used flat icons to depict family, education, profession and lifestyle. A monochromatic theme was used to make it look clean and readable. Since this biodata layout had more content than the religious ones, I avoided using too many colours. A lot of colours would have made it cluttered and too heavy. I used boxes to segregate information and wave pattern in the background to create a calming effect.

biodata format
Mood board for the comprehensive biodata format

To create some depth, I used a geometric flower pattern in the foreground inspired by pinwheels. Pinwheels are mesmerizing and make you feel happy just by looking at them. I wanted the user to feel good looking at the profile. I played with negative space by colouring the flowers white, since I didn’t want to use more colours and make it look cluttered. Orange colour in text headings and profile picture stroke was used to break the monotony a bit.

Marriage Biodata format
Sketch to print – Comprehensive Biodata Format

Talking about her experience working for Jodi Logik, Ashima says, “Variety is the spice of life. Each individual is unique. My designs reflect an earnest attempt to create unique designs for every biodata theme. Working on this project with Jodi Logik was a fulfilling experience. The best part was that I found a client who understands creatives can’t be restricted and mindless feedbacks are a waste of time!”

A template for everyone

We ended up creating seven spanking new biodata formats designed to meet our customer’s expectations. Here are is a brief introduction to every one of the biodata templates available for print and download.

Classic Biodata

Classic Biodata FormatThis template brings together two key elements together – a modern sensibility to biodata design along with traditional design elements and colours. It’s a timeless Indian classic and hence the name! The information needed to complete this biodata format is fairly basic. Of course, if you believe you definitely require additional information to be added, you could always use the About Myself and Expectations sections.

Hindu Biodata

Hindu biodata formatThis biodata format is comprehensive and suitable for Hindus who want to include high-level information about their horoscope. This is in addition to all the elements you will find in the classic biodata template. You could also choose to include details of your caste and your caste preference.

Watch this video to understand how you can get more responses by creating a better biodata for marriage!

Christian Biodata

Christian biodata formatThis biodata template has a sense of restrained elegance. The focus of the design is the tuxedo and the wedding gown that you may not notice if you don’t look carefully at the design! We have used the holy cross as anchors for various sections of the biodata. Most importantly, you can add details of your church and where it is located.

Muslim Biodata

Muslim Biodata FormatThe Muslim biodata has several Islamic art and religious elements defining the design the layout. Key data about your profile will find a place in the tower section capped by minarets. The predominant colour used is green and of course, the crescent moon and the star also find a place in the design.

Sikh BiodataSikh Biodata Format

The Sikh biodata format uses the universally recognised emblem of Sikhism that brings together the Kirpans, Khanda and the Chakkar. The predominant colour used in this template represents the sweeping fields of mustard that dot the fertile landscape of Punjab. if you are wondering why used the peacock feathers in the design, you should read this.

Jain BiodataJain Biodata Format

This biodata format is in the form of an ancient scroll with a sacred script written on it. Jainism preaches non-violence, kindness and good actions and pure thoughts. The Lotus icons are used to anchor key points in this biodata and symbolise patience and purity of mind, body and soul. The text is printed in pink colour to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Title text in gold shows grandeur and prosperity. The symbol of Mahavira captures the essence of Jainism which is disciplined nonviolence.

Comprehensive Biodata

Comprehensive Biodata FormatThe comprehensive biodata packs a lot of information on a single page and yet easy to read and well-organised. It places special emphasis on lifestyle choices for modern Indians who consider broad-based compatibility as a key requirement for marriage. This biodata offers the same amount of space for the About Myself and Expectations sections as the other templates.

Writing about yourself for your marriage biodata is not easy. Watch this video to understand how you can master it in just a few minutes!

One easy print template library to choose your template

Accessing all our exquisite print templates is as easy as eating cake! All you have to do is to create your Jodi Logik account and click on the PRINT BIODATA option from the landing page or PRINT option from the online biodata page. You will see a neatly organised gallery of biodata templates to choose from.

Biodata format for marriage
Elegant “Netflix Style” Biodata Template Library

Add information needed to complete your biodata format using simple forms, preview the output, make the payment and print or download your biodata. All the biodata formats you may have purchased will be available below the print template library under “My Print Copies”. Feel free to update your biodata whenever you want or reprint them.

What are you waiting for? Create your exquisite biodata on Jodi Logik. Click here to get started.Create your biodata on Jodi Logik